LexBlog switching to full-text RSS feeds

LexBlog is making the switch from partial-text to full-text RSS feeds. For information on what this means and the impact it will have on your blog, please download and read over the following flyer: LexBlog switching to full-text RSS feeds....  Continue reading »

LexBlog Newsfeed Reader Userguide

The LexBlog Newsfeed Reader is now available for free to all lawyers. Click on the link to download a copy of the LexBlog Newsfeed Reader Userguide....  Continue reading »

How Do I Add Video To My Blog Using YouTube?

1. Set up an account with YouTube to add video, or select a video that is already on YouTube. 2. On YouTube, highlight and copy the embed URL, located to the right of the video. 3. On your blog, select...  Continue reading »

How do I link to an email address

To insert an email link: Type the link as you want it to appear and then highlight the text Click the link button Select "E-Mail" in the "Link Type" drop down box Populate the "E-mail Address" box with the appropriate...  Continue reading »

Why isn't my post/category/link updated on my blog?

This problem could be due to a few issues. If your post isn't showing up, be sure to check that you selected the proper field in the "Post Status" drop down box: Check post-status to verify you selected "Published": If...  Continue reading »

How do I send an email notification?

To send an e-mail notification to your readers, check the “Send Notification” box at the bottom of the "Edit Entry" page, and then click save. When your post is saved, an e-mail notification will be automatically sent out to your...  Continue reading »

How do I create a link to a file?

To upload a file to your blog to be linked in an entry: Type the link as you want it to appear and highlight it with your cursor Click the "Create Link" button Click the "Upload" tab in the window...  Continue reading »

How do I create a table?

While you are in the “Edit Entry” page creating a post, click on the “Insert Table” button. A "Table Properties" window will pop up. Within the "Table Properties" window, you have the ability to adjust the format of the table....  Continue reading »

How do I add/edit/delete my blog's categories?

The "Category" page is similar to the "Entries" page in terms of managment capabilities. When you click on the "Categories" button, a window with a list of all of your categories will pop up. From this location, you can: View...  Continue reading »

Post Status options

When you have completed typing your post you have 3 options for saving it: Unpublished- saved with no scheduled publish date Published- published directly to the front end of your site Scheduled- saved for future date To schedule a futured...  Continue reading »


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